Eni Larbi has released his latest single titled ‘Not Broken’ unto the Ghanaian music market.

‘Not Broken’ communicates hope to the Christian family in these times of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

According to him, “The song highlights the ways of God in the lives of those who have placed their faith in him.

Sometimes we eagerly seek to have something from the Lord in prayer and to answer our requests, he takes us through a series of tests to prepare us for his great blessings.

“Just like the story of Abraham, even though the Lord declared him as a father to many

nations, he had to wait till his 100th year before having his promised son.

And more so, the Lord tested him to sacrifice his only promised son and even with that,

he was pleased by God. So ‘Not Broken’ can be regarded as an inspirational song to t

he Christian faith that whatsoever is the situation, we should declare by faith that we are not broken”

The song highlights optimism and makes room for persistency – a key to survival in ordeals like the COVID-19.

Born as Enoch Darko Larbi, he is a member of the Prince Emmanuel Seventh Day Adventist Church. A Ghanaian national and a Banker by profession.

Eni Larbi is hopeful of moving gospel music beyond the shores of Ghana.

His desire is to raise the standard of gospel music and the quality of entertainment brought

to him to help develop music talent in the creative industry.

‘Not Broken’ is available across all the major digital streaming stores

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