About KingdomBizzGh
KingdombizzGh has been in the business of promoting Gospel Content and And Propagating the Gospel since 2018.

KingdomBizzGh has announced today that it has completed a major rebranding.

The company will change its name to ALPHAGOSPEL as well as release a new logo and website redesign that will all work with its growing Model.

The rebrand to ALPHAGOSPEL reflects the Growth and the need for a Much More Distinct Brand Recognition.

The company which was founded in 2018 as a Christian Entertainment Portal but grew to a Full fledged Christian Media Outlet with a complete line of office cutting across all corners of Gospel Content is Poised To Deliver Nothing But the Best In all Endeavors.

In the last three years, KingdomBizzGh Now ALPHAGOSPEL has increased in Reach,Followers,Influence And Impact.

The future of ALPHAGOSPEL lies in supporting Christian Brands all over the world and Propagating The Gospel with our Expertise Through The Help Of God.

NB: All Ongoing Projects with ‘KingdomBizzGh’ Now ALPHAGOSPEL remains Valid.

Welcome To The New Face Of Christian Media!

Media Contact:
Precious Mawunyako -PR
(233) 551 – 692 -167

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