4 is coming
Bodiless: Ghana’s favorite fante urban Gospel rapper is set to drop the fourth episode of his irap freestyle series. This comes after he dropped “call” a single off the joint album he’s working on with Maikon West. The irap series is a series of hard-hitting rap verses where bodiless showcases his rapping prowess yet still keeping Jesus/ the gospel at the center of it all. This is a testament to show, Christian artiste aren’t less gifted than their secular counterparts, they are if not more then equals just that one sect decided to serve God with their gift.

Bodiless digs into his bag of versatility and presents something refreshing each episode, making the release of an episode a much-anticipated moment amongst urban gospel lovers. With a blend of fante, English and pidgin, bodiless serves rap fans with hot bars, clever wordplay and lyricism all wrapped in an exquisite delivery style. This masterpiece drops on Friday 20th August 2021. But till then you can stream I rap 1-3 on all streaming platforms.

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