Revered Man Of God Apostle ET Donkor has penned down emotional Letter to Award winning Gospel Artiste Herty Who Over the weekend won Artiste Of The Year – Diaspora at the Just Ended Ghana National Gospel Music Awards.

Herty Who recently added to her accolades Us Based Female Vocalist And Gospel Artiste Of The Year At GMA USA was greatly overwhelmed by the message and expressed her profound Gratitude to the man of God.

Here’s What Apostle Said;

Consistency is a winner!!

I have observed from the endeavors of life that people who are consistent in what they do end up winning more often than not.

Congratulations Herty Corgie

I congratulate you not just for the awards but for your consistency which keeps making you a winner.

For the many years that I have known you, I have known you as someone that’s passionate for God and the music ministry (You’ve been ministering in song since I have known you!).

I remember those days when you would get all the Juanita Bynum and Bishop TD Jakes CDs for my brother and I and how I managed to hijack them to school and watch them over and over again till they had scratches and we used to sit speaking about the ministry and moving nations for the Lord.

It has always been in you.
Ministry is in your spirit and so is greatness.
Keep progressing!!

Please brethren, kindly help me congratulate my sister for her consistency and love for God and oh please don’t forget to follow her and listen to her songs: Herty Corgie she is on fire ? ? ?

Yes Indeed Herty Is On Fire for God’s Glory.

By Glover

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