UK-based-Ghanaian Gospel artiste, Joseph Matthew has described as ‘the biggest lie’ the belief that only Christians or those of similar faith should share and hear the gospel of God. Thus he has therefore called on preachers of the word of God not to limit their work to the church since the message of salvation is not for Christians.

He pointed out that the current situation has seen a limitation to the spread of the word of God to people of different religious background since only congregates of churches have become hearers and receivers of the word.

“People tag me controversial when I say this but truthfully, is the gospel not for the lost? Do we give medicine to a healthy person or a sick person? The church or gospel cannot grow if we keep telling it to the people who already share and believe in it.

“Of what use will the story of the death of Christ be to a Christian but it will mean more to a prostitute or drug addict who is lost. I think we are too comfortable with the church that’s why we limit the gospel to them but it should rather be people outside of it,” he stated.

Joseph Matthew who released a new song, The Name, today, September 3, 2021 said his decision to do music for the world has inspired his sense of fashion and style of gospel music.

“I’m really criticised for my looks, some even say that my songs are not godly or not appropriate for the church but I want such critics to know that I’m talking about God to people who don’t know or believe in Him.

“As such, I have to do what they identity with to get their attention and pass on my message to them. This has been my stand all these years but unfortunately, people don’t get the relevance or substance of it,” he said.

Describing his style as Afro-Gospel which is a fusion of Ghanaian Highlife, Afrobeats, and Rap, Joseph Matthew indicated that music was evolving and Ghanaian Gospel artistes should not be limited in their presentations.

“People love Jazz, Highlife, Rap, Afrobeats and many other music styles and so what informed Afro-Gospel was not to limit myself but extend my influence to people with different music tastes,” he stated.

Last year, he won International Artiste of the Year at the Emerging Music Awards and Joseph Matthew has since then used the exposure to gain more attention in Ghana through intense promotions of his works.

He is gearing up for the release of his maiden album Solid Rock later in the year but things are already looking good for him after his song, Not Alone earned the second position on Trace Gospel’s Top 10 Ghana songs chart last week.

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