Logos-Rhema Foundation for Leadership Resource Development will start from 6p.m on 31st October to 8p.m of 6th November 2021 hold its 2021 edition of the Non-Stop Praise and Worship experience.

The event will be coupled with Bible Reading and Prayers under the theme: Recovering, Reviving and Restoring the Tebernacle of David –Isaiah16:5; Acts 15:16.

This year’s event will mark the 19th anniversary of the non-stop praise and worship series that is organised by Logos-Rhema and will be hosted at the auditorium of the Central Community Assembly located behind the Trade Fair Site, La-Accra. There will also be live streaming of the Programme.

Notably, the Non-Stop series hosted by Logos-Rhema have over the years, progressed from the holding of 24 hours non-stop session for the first time to 48 hours, 72 hours, 96 hours (2 years) and 120 hours (2years).

This year’s Programme will be held for a period of 144 hours non-stop, that is, 6 continuous days of Praise and Worship coupled with Bible Reading and Prayer. It is structured to provide a global worship platform for the expression of profound and wholehearted adoration, thanksgiving and praise to the Lord God in a dedicated and electrifying atmosphere. It will feature participation by a number of musicians, choirs, gospel musical groups, worship leaders, fellowships, Christian groups and individuals on an international level.

“We believe the hosting of the Programme will create the atmosphere for the release of God’s blessings and wealth on our beloved nation, Africa and the continents especially in a season and time when challenges, deep concerns and tensions abound all over the world”.
“We also believe that the benefit and merit of hosting the Programme is that it will generate a harvest of God’s peace, in the spirit of Psalm 67, victory over current world-wide troubling circumstances as experienced in 2 Chronicles 20 and the manifestation of the 7-fold spirit of God as indicated in Revelations 4”.

Individuals, families and groups are invited to join in celebrating our Lord, God Almighty for His great love and goodness, for His bountiful mercies and for His grace and peace in the land of the living.

The team also urges all to freely donate cash and resources for a successful, resounding and impactful time of worshipping for 144 hours non-stop, which effectively, will amount to christians on earth joining with the heavenly hosts in the glorious worship of our Lord Almighty in a dedicated non-stop fashion. 

Account Details for receiving cash donations & contributions are as follows:

ACCOUNT NO: 1441001094374 (GHS)
ACCOUNT NO: 3441001094375 (US$).

024 873 9685   ||  MERCHANT ID: 555461

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