Host of Kingdom Squad, a religious show on Zylofon 102.1 FM, Richard K. Donkor, popularly known as DJ Paloma, has expressed disappointment in former urban gospel artiste J Song.

In a video available to, J Song the former urban gospel musician who has switched to the secular music industry, was seen talking down on the industry he once belong.

But for DJ Paloma who is also known in the urban gospel circles as My Christian DJ, the fusions of J Song was nothing shy of disrespect to great people who are working to win souls into the Kingdom.

Jae Songs

“In his submission in the first 3 minutes, he said a lot and I will (sic) like to list them down and share my thought on it” award winning DJ Paloma noted.

These are the things he (J Song) said in the video: that

1. Gospel / Urban Gospel artist judge people too much.

2. Even God Himself knows we are bad people (sinners) but they always want to pretend like they are angels and are even over doing it. (They are fake people)

3. And I realized we couldn’t do it without the ‘Kidis, kuami Eugenes and all the secular acts’.

4. And even ‘low key’ when they do their weddings, they jam to the secular songs.

5. And I was being pressured to do that too (pretend I don’t like it).

6. I followed their steps for a while and growing up now, I feel it’s not needful and even necessary to call yourself a gospel artist.

“Before I even say anything, I must say am (sic) very disappointed in you J song for saying urban gospel artists are fake people” DJ Paloma intimated.

For him, it would have been fine if the former urban gospel musician rather use the phrase “some gospel musicians” instead of generalizing.

“At least you should have said some of them or maybe kept mute about it rather than saying bad stuffs about people’s ministry for an excuse of your fallen” he fumed.

He used the opportunity to advise those in the gospel industry to be careful who they trust with their private lives since they don’t know who will turn on them in the future.

“Guys this is a wakeup call. Let’s be careful with our private lives as gospel artists and know that we are Christians not just artists”.

 If this is coming from someone who was ones with us, it means he (J Song), maybe saw some bad things about some colleagues in the fraternity leading to his fall, he wondered.

“Let’s pray for our lost souls and ourselves more. I pray God helps us all” he concluded.

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