Melodies of Wilma, a sensational UK based Light House Chapel International songstress has made a debut entry into 2022 with a latest single titled ‘’Highest Praise’’. Born out of God’s directive, Wilma is inspired to put this amazing song together.

‘’My inspiration was born out of a direct instruction from God during the lockdown period. It was a period of deep reflection and meditation as a Christian. My purpose on earth became obvious as I spent long hours in prayer. These prayer times were so profound and prophetic as they were led by my pastor and father Bishop Dag Heward-Mills”.

” Every single word was born out of these prayer times. I have always enjoyed music especially gospel music. I have always admired how it is produced and enjoyed worldwide and as a young Christian I lent my efforts to worship at church – as a worship leader.’’ – She added.

Melodies of Wilma has so far made a remarkable impact in the music space. Her presence in the music space both Ghana and UK was announced by her maiden single “I’m grateful Lord”.

‘’Highest Praise’’ is now available on all digital music platforms for download and streaming.

By Glover

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