Emmy Xornam is an anointed singer-songwriter, a worship leader and a learned food microbiologist. Emmy in her formative years realized she had the gift of songwriting and has been inspired to write numerous songs through the help of the Holy Spirit.

For years, Emmy served in various choirs as a vocalist in her local church, in campus ministries, with several gospel ministers, and has since grown into the undeniably awe-inspiring minstrel we see today.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that Emmy was convicted that her gift was not for her alone for, nor for  her keeping and has since obeyed the call upon her life to share Christ, hope and salvation through her gift of singing and songwriting to the world.

Emmy subsequently released her debut single ‘’Lifted High” which has since blessed a lot of lives. She is a distinguished worshipper who has a remarkable knack for leading fellow worshippers and congregants into the presence of God.

Emmy Xornam is out with another lovely song titled “The Song Of Miriam” on all musical stores.

For Emmy, every song has a story which in turn is loaded with a message that can transform any life. Emmy’s ministry hopes to bless every listener with a message for their journey of faith. Where words fail, music speaks indeed. Where this music is not just music but worship, there is power to touch and change lives.

By Glover

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