Spirit-filled Gospel Artiste SK Frimpong  is set to embark on a High School Tour starting April 22nd.

SK Frimpong and Team believe High school students are at an age where they are discovering their individuality, and he deems it fit to visit them with an intimate time of worship and praise accompanied with resourceful conversations on the theme ‘Rise Above Negative Peer Pressure’. this He believes will play a crucial role in shaping their perceptions towards life.

According to a recent survey, about 85% of adolescents aged 13-18 have felt the pressure to fit in with their peers, while around 28% report experiencing negative peer pressure. This negative peer pressure could range from bullying, drug use, and other risky behaviors.

Moreover, research suggests that negative peer pressure is one of the significant factors that contribute to addiction in adolescents. This is because adolescents who receive indirect and direct peer pressure to engage in drug use are more prone to experiment with drugs and eventually develop an addiction.

It’s essential to educate young people about the dangers of negative peer pressure and equip them with the tools they need to resist it. Encouraging healthy self-esteem, building positive relationships, and promoting positive decision-making skills can all help to reduce the negative impact of peer pressure.

The High School Tour Precedes and EP release and SK Frimpong’s Much talked about Concert Dubbed DYNAMIC PRAISE which is slated for August 27th in Takoradi.

The nationwide High School tour is scheduled to start with some selected schools in the western region.

Selected Schools and Dates Are;

GSTS – April 22nd 

Fijai SHS – April 29th 

Arch Bishop Potter Girls – May 6th

This high school tour by SK Frimpong will be a significant thermostat in providing students with an intimate worship experience while addressing important issues such as negative peer pressure.

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