Akesse Brempong, the celebrated gospel music artist known for his soul-stirring compositions and spirited live performances, has just released his highly anticipated single, “Okrosa Nyame,” setting the stage for his upcoming album, “The Awakening.” 

This heartfelt worship ballad, delivered in the beautiful Twi language, offers listeners a profound expression of devotion to the Triune God.

The inception of “Okrosa Nyame” can be traced back to Akesse Brempong’s captivating live recording project earlier this year at the Empowerment Worship Center, Achimota. 

Click link to stream/download on preferred platform: https://onerpm.link/okrosa-nyame

The controlled live recording was a testament to Akesse’s dedication to capturing the essence of authentic worship and sharing it with the world.

“Okrosa Nyame,” which translates to “Triune God” in English, embodies Akesse Brempong’s spiritual journey and deep-rooted faith. The song showcases his signature sound, blending powerful vocals with compelling instrumentation that elevates the worship experience.

With every note and lyric, “Okrosa Nyame” invites listeners to enter a place of reverence, reflecting on the majesty of the Triune God and embracing the divinity that lies within the presence of the Almighty. Akesse’s heartfelt delivery and poetic mastery in Twi add an enriching layer to this musical testament of faith.

Fans and avid followers of Akesse Brempong can expect “The Awakening” album to resonate with similar spiritual depth and musical excellence. As this first single sets the stage, anticipation is building for the complete album release, promising a transformative and soul-stirring experience.

“Okrosa Nyame” is now available on all major music streaming platforms allowing worshippers to immerse themselves in the divine message it conveys. 

Stay tuned for more updates as Akesse Brempong prepares to unveil his full album, “The Awakening,” and continue spreading the message of worship and faith through his melodious artistry.

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