Gospel artiste Matthew Ansah is gearing up to release a new single, “Amen Anthem,” a worship song that promises to resonate with audiences seeking spiritual inspiration and true communion with God.

Matthew Ansah’s “Amen Anthem” is slated for release on 23rd February 2024, and it’s the first song to be outdoored on the recently live-recorded “Mahanaim” album. 

This marks a significant chapter in the artiste’s musical journey. 

The announcement was made via his official social media platforms, generating anticipation among his growing fan base.

Produced by Emmanuel Djokoto, “Amen Anthem” will be on all major Digital Music Platforms. 

The song creates a spiritual atmosphere for fellowship with God in worship and adoration. It is a simple yet captivating song that offers an intimate and uplifting worship experience.

In his statement about the upcoming release, Matthew Ansah expressed his excitement and urged the public to embrace all his spirit-filled songs and spread the word.

“As you join me in sharing this song, you become part of a greater purpose, which is to spread love, communion, and the celebration of God’s goodness,” he remarked.

The management team representing Matthew Ansah under the Cross Records label conveyed their enthusiasm, emphasising that “Amen Anthem” is a testament to the artiste’s unwavering commitment to gospel music and his mission to inspire and uplift others through his musical expressions. 

This release comes after a long break since his first album was released in 2011.

The multifaceted Matthew Ansah is a renowned Marketing and Communications Consultant who’s managed several brands and large-scale projects in Africa and beyond. 

He has also for the past 10 years been widely known as a favorite MC for corporate and social events. He is currently the Team Lead for Lyme Haus, a leading Marketing & Communications firm in Ghana.

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