Actress Martha Ankomah has associated her success and sustainability in the movie industry to her decision to put Christ Jesus at the center of all her affairs.

The actress in an interview on “Okukuseku the Talk Show” with Emelia Brobbey intimated that, she has never regretted giving her life to Christ as that has shaped her life for the better.

Martha explained that she has made a conscious effort to glorify God in all her endeavours and for that matter, she will preach the word of the gospel to her social media users and friends at any given opportunity.

Fans who follow the actress on her social media accounts including Instagram are always blessed on Sundays with a photo of her at church testifying that she never misses the opportunity to be in the house of the Lord.

The staunch Christian, recounting her transforming journey with her maker said, “It all started at a young age, our parents made us go to church before we could watch our favourite TV program. I must confess that going to church helps, the more you study Romans 3:23 and the rest, it shapes your life. I am proud to have given my life to Christ at a young age.”

“God has shaped my life and I give credit to Him. I have people who say I always take pictures on Sunday, but If I don’t lift the name of God high, where should I do that? I have over 2.3 million people following me on Instagram, what am I doing with them? Why don’t I share the word of God I hear from church with them just to lift someone’s spirit?” she added.

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