CEO of We2Studios, Mr. Nii Amasa has expressed his dissatisfaction in the quality of music productions being churned out by upcoming Gospel acts. When asked by host of the ‘The Emergers Arena’ SoG Precious what he thinks emerging Gospel ministers are missing in the industry, Mr. Amasa noted without hesitation that almost everyone is in a hurry to produce which he believes affects the quality of productions.

‘The very one thing I keep saying they are missing is excellence. When I go on social media, I watch productions of many ministers… everyone is in a hurry to bring something out and there’s no excellence,’ Mr. Amasa noted.
He further added that ‘the truth of the matter is that…our Gospel music industry will struggle in the next five (5) years. This is because there is no excellence attached to anything. They lack excellence.’

Explaining further what he meant by lack of excellence, Mr. Amasa went on to state that it even transcends to our music videos. He asserts that when it comes to music videos, there’s no musician in Ghana with a good music video.

By Glover

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