In an interview on Uniiq FM on the Gospel Family Jam show, KobbySalm explained what brought about his clean christian-boy-like hairdo during an interview with Minister Kobby.

He narrates a conversation that ensued  between him and a fan on Instagram. He stated “a fan slid into my dm one time and mentioned how he has been inspired by my music and expressed his interest in wanting to also become an Urban Gospel artist. He then shared with me his biggest challenge which is preventing him from joining the movement. He explained that he believes Urban Gospel Artist have a particular hairstyle or lifestyle and since he doesn’t possess any of those lifestyle he’s considering putting on dreadlocks to be able to get accepted in the industry despite zero compliance and agreement from his parents”.

KobbySalm said “as I heard this I really felt bad and I began to question the sort of impression people have of a Gospel Artist with a dreadlock kind of hairdo. At the instance I decided to put on a new look to make the young man understand that God doesn’t expect any look from anybody before they can worship him.
Anyone can become a part of the Urban Gospel family without putting up any requirements. Jesus Christ loves and receives all”.

KobbySalm is currently on tour with his “This is US” EP.
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