US-based Ghanaian gospel act, Jane Rita has urged women should never put their dreams on hold when they get married in order to prioritize their marriage.

When women get married, whether in Africa or elsewhere in the world, they frequently put their aspirations on wait in order to prioritize their marriage and families.

Gospel star, Jane Rita believes that while it is true that women occasionally give up their aspirations to prioritize marriage and having children, it all comes down to individual preferences.

“I have observed this in women. When girls or women enter into long-term relationships or give birth, there is a misconception that they are no longer capable of dreaming,” Jane said.

According to the “Patience” hit maker, the desire to achieve success quickly can be devastating for ladies and can shatter their ambitions, but if the lady is persistent, diligent, and grounded, she will eventually succeed. 

Having a supportive partner who will always support your goals and accepts God’s gift in your life after marriage is a blessing.

By Glover

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