As the festive season approaches, get ready to celebrate and thank God with the enchanting AfroGospel tune, “Never Forget,” by KobbySalm featuring Kofi Karikari. This exceptional track seamlessly blends the rhythmic vibes of Amapiano with traditional Hi-Life melodies, delivering a soul-stirring and groove-worthy experience that promises to become the anthem of gratitude this holiday season.

“Never Forget” is not just a song; it’s a heartfelt expression of gratitude, encouraging listeners to reflect on the unending goodness, mercies, and protection of God. As families and communities come together to celebrate, this musical masterpiece will serve as the perfect soundtrack to express thanks and appreciation for life’s blessings.

Renowned for his work on Black Sheriff’s smash hit single, Samsney takes the reins of production, adding an extra layer of musical excellence to this uplifting track. The result is a harmonious blend of traditional and contemporary sounds that is sure to captivate audiences worldwide.

“Never Forget” is available on all major digital music oulets via

SOCIAL MEDIA@KobbySalm – KobbySalm (All Social Media Platforms)
@kofikarikarimusic – Kofi KariKari 

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