Gospel artiste, Wilhermina Kwatemaah, known in the gospel music circles as Wilmina is ready to released her latest single, “Higher Praise.”

“Higher Praise” is a powerful anthem is that celebrates God’s greatness, his love, protection, guidance and how reliable He is to all those who trust and believe in him.

The “Your Love” singer Wilmina, with “Higher Praise,” has crafted an anthem that captures the essence of the gospel music tradition while adding her signature style and powerful vocals. The song is sure to become a staple in churches and gospel music playlists worldwide.

The song’s arrangement builds in passion, integrating dynamic harmonies and a driving rhythm that propels the listener forward. It’s a musical testament to the unwavering faith that carries believers through life’s challenges.

“Higher Praise” will surely uplift, inspire, and fill all believers with renewed faith as they listen it. It will be available soon on all major streaming platforms.

Emmanuel Lapigee Ofori

By Glover

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