Contemporary Christian music singer Milly Praise has kick started the year with a spirit filled worship single titled ”Sounds of Heaven”. Milly Praise highlights the Omnipotence of God and His wonderful art of creation.

Milly Praise believes all power belongs to God hence all creations on earth and in heaven shouts His Holy Name in reverence and honour. ”Sounds of Heaven” communicates a deeper revelation of worship and its essence in the lives of every believer.

” I hear the voices of angels, voices that magnify your name. The Angels sing oh, oh, oh, Holy, let the whole world sing oh, oh, oh, holy. Worthy is the lamp that sits on the the, worthy, the twenty four elders bow before your throne, worthy” – These are some lyrics of the song.

Sounds of Heaven” is now available on all digital platforms for download and streaming.

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About Milly Praise

Milly Praise is a contemporary Christian music singer and songwriter who lives in San Antonio, Texas but originally from Ghana, West Africa. She had a keen interest in music and singing and as a result decided to join her churche’s choir to improve her skills and worship and praise the Lord. Little did she know that she would begin to receive songs of her own. She was later made the choir leader of the church of Pentecost, San Antonio military base assembly where she is currently making use of her God given gift.

Milly Praise was born June 9th in Ghana, West Africa and is into event planning, rental and decoration business in San Antonio, Texas. She holds an MBA was Coventry University, London campus and is currently a doctoral student in Walden university. She is married with two amazing children. She is the composer of many songs amongst them are sounds of heave, Atmosphere and I am victorious. Her songs are inspired by the Holy Spirit and aimed at reaching many souls for our Lord Jesus Christ. She believes that her songs through the help of the Holy Spirit will heal the sick, the broken hearted and win souls for Christ. Her love for the Lord has inspired her to reach out to people through songs.

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