With instrumentation appealing to the ear, Kofi Owusu Peprah has brought his appellation to describe the big, indescribable and unfathomable God who sits on high.

The horn intense gospel song ‘Big God’ which has received massive airplay since its release late 2020, is clearly a careful combination of the local indigenous and contemporary musical elements to create a beautify space for Kofi’s strong vocals.

Speaking on Day Break Hitz on Hitz Fm with Host Andy Dosty to Promote his hit Single “BIG GOD,” the singer explained that the song wasn’t a planned project and went further to give credit to Dr. Sonnie Badu for featuring him on a virtual concert which gave prominence to the song.

‘Big God wasn’t a song that was planned. I want to greet Dr. Sonnie Badu wherever he is. In July last year, he gave us the opportunity to be on a virtual program he held called ‘The Unveiling Concert.’ He did an IG live and asked people to request to join in the live video and asked them to freestyle. He did this to help promote people. So I found myself by God’s Grace to be on that program. We were supposed to do a 10minute video and get it recorded. He gave us the rules of engagement,’ Kofi Peprah noted.
He added that,’ I did my biological father’s song ‘Matwen Awurade Anim’ as my first pick. After doing it, it lasted for 6minutes. I had a little over three minutes and I didn’t want to do another worship song so I had to do something that was groovy. ‘Big God’ was a song that was there but originally it came to me as a non-metric song. At the time, it was written but not arranged so within 20minutes, my team and I sat down and had to do something within 3minutes.’
He added that even though there were complaints about the short duration of the song, he believes the outcome of the 20minutes productions has been well received.
‘Big God’ has so far garnered 32,676 views on YouTube since it was premiered on Aug 7, 2020.

Source : The Christian Avenue


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